Senior Care
Mental Disability
Physical Disability
Case #1
Mom Lives Alone,
Ready to Move in with Her Children
Case #2
Returning Veteran,
Paraplegic Living with Parents
Case #3
Married Veteran with Traumatic Brain Injury
Returning Home to Live with Wife and Children.
Case #4
Mom Falls and Breaks Her Hip.
Needs to Move in With Family.
Case #5
Aunt Depends on Extended Family
for Support with Homecare Assistant.
Case #7
Adult Child with Down Syndrome
Finds Way to Gain Independence.
Case #9
Bedridden Mother Moves in with
Adult Child that has Imminent Need
for Home Modifications.
Case #6
Divorced Dementia Patient
Moves in with Family
Case #8
Young Wife Moves Home After
Car Accident as a Paraplegic.