You can have it all with the FlexAssist™ Bathroom from Better Living Express. Every one of our standard plans feature the convenience and ease of use that only the FlexAssist™ Bathroom offers. Beautiful design is built in, and doesn’t take a backseat to safety, accessibility, and simplicity which are the standard! We offer dry bathroom, wet bathroom, and walk-in tub options. Custom requests can be accommodated easily to meet your specific needs.

Dry versus Wet Bathroom

Dry Bath – The feature-packed FlexAssist™ Dry Bathroom is standard in most models. Shown here with the optional shower door, the curbless shower adds to the beautiful design.

The dry bathroom is standard in all plans (except for the Sandlebrook Cottage which features a wet bathroom). The dry bathroom features a curbless, tiled shower as standard. There is no need to step over the side in a typical shower/bathtub configuration or a raised curb to trip over as with standard showers. With a convenient curtain or an optional door, barriers to access are virtually eliminated. The design of the shower directs water back into the shower area keeping the toilet and sink area dry.


Wet Bath – The FlexAssist ™ Wet Bathroom (standard in the Saddlebrook) is a great option when maximum space and ease of use is required.

With our optional wet bathroom (standard in the Sandlebrook Cottage) water is drained from the entire bathroom area. This means there is no need for a shower curtain or door thereby eliminating virtually every barrier in the bathroom. Maximum access is provided to the shower area, the sink, and the toilet. Cleaning is easy with the tiled floor conveniently directing all liquids to a central drain. Optional in floor heating can be provided to make the bathroom area even more comfortable.

Walk-in Bath

Walk-in Tub – Walk-in tubs provide the perfect option for your FlexAssist™ bathroom when you need soothing spa baths. Walk-in tubs can provide therapeutic benefits for symptomatic relief for many conditions.

The FlexAssist™ Bathroom is designed to easily accommodate an optional walk-in bath. When mobility is a concern we offer many options to provide a walk-in bath that works to support most any need. With the ability to accommodate units up to 60” in length the options are almost endless. Walk-in baths with included showers can even be provided giving you the ability to indulge in your bathing preference whether that be a shower, bath, or both!