Who is Valerie Jurik-Henry?

I’m a business consultant, national speaker on Aging (thriving) In Place, Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), author and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in housing and healthcare. It’s a rare combination but having knowledge of how a person’s ability changes over time and understanding the need for home designs that work for any age, gave birth to The Ageless Home™.

I’ve spent my entire career listening to people express how they ‘wish or would have known’ how their house would become a place of restriction or isolation. Most people jump to the conclusion that restriction and/or isolation is spoken by the older 65+ age group. That is not the case! It corresponds to ALL ages. As a family grows, so do the needs.

I’m driven with the knowledge that there IS a way to help people when it comes to buying or renovating a house and to fully understand all of the choices there are to create an environment that adapts with them. An environment that not only makes their life easier to live in it but also their entire family and all who visit.

My mission is to educate and expose different options to people, so they are empowered and know what to ask for.  Businesses all too often take the passive or reactive route. “When the customer asks then I’ll learn about it” is the common response I hear. My goal is to create strong momentum behind this message and an immense groundswell of demand, so the homebuilding industry has no choice but to take notice and then action.

I challenge everyone to always ask questions, always be inquisitive and always learn how to make your life easier. You deserve it.

“Educate to Create A Voice for Choice” is my motto!

Why listen to Valerie?

Like most people, when I have an interest in pursuing something I look for the expert in that field.  When I realized how much research I’ve done over the years to help people live better lives at home, and how many lives are changed from my educational talks, I knew I had to share this knowledge. When I realized that I had become an expert in all things Ageless Living, I left my brick and mortar businesses to become a national speaker/entrepreneur for Aging in Place and The Ageless Home™ and I couldn’t be more passionate about it.

When I work with people to build The Ageless Home™, I not only work with them directly, but I also work with everyone in their life. Through design and product placement, we create homes that incorporate every bit of my 30 years of understanding people, their needs, their health and their future.

While there is nearly unlimited information out there to help people in various aspects of their lives, there is almost no information out there to help you in life at home. In my research, I found no videos, no blogs, and certainly no voice. Isn’t this one of the most critical areas where advice and education are needed?

Well, folks, I’m giving myself this job. I’m now that voice.