What is the Ageless living concept all about?


The Ageless living concept is about Independence, Freedom, Flexibility and Stability. Pretty important stuff, right? We all age from the moment we are born. If every manufacturer of product really took that statement to heart, we would have the usage of most products without age limitation unless specifically designed for restriction. They would design products so either a 5-year-old or a 105-year-old could use it without limitation. But that doesn’t exist.

I took that thought into The Ageless Home™ but this time we CAN make it exist so both the

5-year-old and 105-year-old can operate in it independently, providing freedom, flexibility and stability.


What is The Ageless Home?


The Ageless Home™ is a house that through design and product placement, allows anyone regardless of age to function in it independently. In other words, a house that ages with its residents. A house that’s inviting to any guest. A concept that fits into builders’ current home designs and is a solution to a national problem of inadequate inventory. A home that looks NO different from any other yet serves as an answer to all age groups.

For the 55+ community, Aging in Place is a term that many hear but don’t have a full understanding of it.

Aging = You. In Place = At Home. So what does it take to keep you living in your home for as long as possible?

I like to think of Aging in Place as a 5-legged table:

  • Home Design and Product Layout
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Social engagement

It all starts with the home. Having an environment that allows you to feel safe and be independent is what we all strive for.

For Millennials and Gen X home buyers, building a house with The Ageless Home™ concept will only be a plus. It benefits a growing family, accommodates your company and adds a bonus: Added Value!  When you decide that you want to sell your home, anyone regardless of age or ability can buy The Ageless Home™ .

Your house will be in demand to any age group!

Some features that are considered Ageless:

Stepless Entry – for baby strollers, moving in furniture, mobility devices, aesthetically pleasing

Kitchens with No Upper Cabinets – dishes, glasses, plates, pots, are all reachable in base cabinet drawers. Children and adults can help themselves regardless of height or ability. Create more windows and let in natural light!

Raised Appliances – no need to bend and creates raised counter tops for multi height use

Ageless design supports everyone’s lifestyle. And when it’s done right, you don’t know it’s there until you benefit from it.

**Check out The Ageless Home list for more design ideas**


Why people need Ageless Design and should start asking for it


America is an aging country. Longevity is now its own category in health data. The average life expectancy is near 80 today and not long ago it was in the 60’s. When you have so many different ages, sizes and abilities buying houses, how can an industry NOT change to accommodate all of the differences?

Today, builders and developers are very busy. Business is booming for them and the house styles they have are selling. So why would they change? And there is the problem my friends. We are looking for this big industry to be proactive, however they are 100% reactive.

So, the change needs to come from us, the consumer. When I traveled around the country talking to builders, they did have one consistent message “when customers ask me about Ageless Design I’ll look into it then”. Now that you are better informed, you need to start asking!  Consumers are ultimately in control.